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Webinar: 'Alzheimer’s – Legal Issues Facing Families'

Thanks for Joining Our Free Webinar: 'Alzheimer’s – Legal Issues Facing Families'

We are proud to help and support the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America with our Care Connection Webinar: 'Alzheimer’s – Legal Issues Facing Families'

View the issues we discussed here> On Thursday, February 11th, join our Senior Attorneys,

Matthew Raphan and Samantha Benadiba, live online at 1 PM.

Moderated by Kara Rogers, LMSW

Understanding how to care for a family member with Alzheimer’s on a personal level is of primary importance. Planning for the future of your family legally and financially is also critical. Making these plans early, some of which are simple, can relieve the financial and emotional burden of this disease and help you move forward with better care for your loved one. Not having some essential documents in place creates undue stress on the family. Having them in place can be a major relief. Join us for our webinar to get vital information, helpful tips, and answers to your questions.

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America provides unprecedented support, services, and education for individuals, families, and caregivers. AFA operates a National Toll-Free Helpline (866-232-8484), staffed entirely by licensed social workers, which provides support and assistance to callers, as well as connect them with resources in their area, no matter where in the United States they live.


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