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Practice Areas

Today's legal system offers many challenges. Our firm is fully prepared and well-versed in the latest changes in the law and how they can affect you.
Our Practice areas include:​
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Wills, Estates, Trusts >

We can help you draft your Will or Trust, Probate an estate, or plan for an Elder relative. Through the use of wills, trusts, life gifts, and other estate planning tools, we help clients who are seeking to avoid probate costs and best preserve their assets for the intended beneficiaries.

We are highly efficient to keep legal fees down and have special discount rates for senior citizens with limited assets.



Probate is the court-supervised legal process of gathering a deceased person's assets and distributing them to creditors and inheritors.


Our firm can take you through the entire probate process from start to finish and help you settle an estate in the best manner with fewer complications. We can help relieve the family and executor of this burdensome process.

To read more about the Steps of The Probate Process click here.



Guardianships >

Guardianships are set up to protect and help people in need such as an elder or loved one unable to care for their own well-being -- financial or health related.


As Court Appointed attorneys we handle all aspects of typical and contested Guardianship cases, including the appointment of a Guardian, Guardianship litigation, preparation of annual reports, and final accountings. If you already are a Guardian we can help alleviate some of the duties if you need.

Elder Law & Elder Care Management

Seniors have unique set of health care, home care, financial and legal needs. Planning wisely and legally can assure that the needs of your loved ones are met--and that their wishes are carried out efficiently, effectively and assets are protected.


We can also assist in Life Planning for your entire family so they may fully benefit from those assets and minimize exposure to future taxes.

Medicaid Planning >

Medicaid Planning is a way to protect assets by minimizing your financial exposure to

nursing home or home care costs. Through Medicaid Planning, you can rearrange your finances so that 'countable' assets are exchanged for 'exempt' assets or otherwise made inaccessible to the state.

There are different reasons elders may need planning. For example:

    •To ensure that the healthy spouse, who lives at home, will have the financial resources to continue doing so.​

    •To preserve a family’s assets to ensure the next generation can inherit as your Will may indicate.


Medicaid eligibility is extremely complicated and even simple errors from do-it-yourself applications can result in a denial that can be devastating to the health and happiness of the applicant, their caregivers, and family members.

Be sure to consult with us on this vital subject.  

For more information, feel free to call Brian at 212-268-8200.

Medicaid Planning
elder care lawyers

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If you have further questions about any of our legal services, email or call and we'll be glad to provide more information.



Bedsores, Nursing Home Negligence, Personal Injury >

We have an extremely high rate of success in securing results for our clients. We charge no legal fees unless we provide you with a favorable financial outcome, either by trial or settlement, to your case.

Whether it's Bedsores--a common form of nursing home abuse or an Injury under the care of others, an institution or person should be held accountable. You may be entitled to a large sum of money for your pain and suffering. 

Click to read more.


We have successfully litigated hundreds of varied cases for our clients. Litigation covers the process of bringing and pursuing a lawsuit and encompasses the entire procedure. A lawsuit is a case or controversy authorized by law, to be decided in a court of justice, brought by one person or entity against another person or entity for the purpose of enforcing a right or redressing a grievance.

Litigation is one way that people resolve disputes. The parties rely on a judge or jury to determine a legal question or matter. If you think you may need to sue someone or possibly defend yourself in a lawsuit give us a call and find out the best way to proceed. We offer free consultation before you decide if we should handle your matter. Give us a call today and learn the best way to proceed.

Visiting Lawyer Services>

For elder clients that are homebound, in an assisted living facility, or nursing home and are unable to travel to our office to get the proper legal care, we offer this convenient service. Currently, it is only for New York residents. 

Your home with the same lawyers, the same law firm, and the same results.

If coming to our office is not an option, you don't have to worry. We will handle your legal needs in the same professional and efficient way that we do in our office.

Click here or call us for more information.

Raphan Law
More About Us:  
Raphan Law Partners, LLP has vast and deep experience with all Elder Law legal issues.

We provide user-friendly clear explanations of legal matters. Whether you are suing for malpractice, nursing home negligence, or preparing to protect your assets we keep you informed every step of the way. Our Wills are drafted using effective, but simple "non-legalese" language, so that you can understand what you are signing.

We handle estates of all sizes with expertise in the preparation of Simple or Complex Wills, Trusts, Living Trusts, Medicaid Planning, and Asset Protection Trusts. Also, Probate, Guardianships, Bedsore and Pressure Sore Lawsuits, and Nursing Home Malpractice

Brian Raphan has been appointed Court Examiner by the New York State Appellate Division since 1997. Also appointed Special Referee, Guardian ad Litem, and Trustee by the New York State Supreme Court.

Doing what is in the best interest of our clients is always our prime objective. 

Located in New York City. Midtown Manhattan. 7 Penn Plaza, New York, New York 10001

I wanted to thank you for your considerations and let you know I really appreciate the dedication and support.    
                                             -Sharon B., New York
Raphan Law Partners



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