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Bedsore Lawsuit
You may have a Bedsore Lawsuit against a hospital or Nursing Home.
Bedsores can be painful and deadly and there are laws in place to protect you or your loved one.
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  Sadly, bedsores are the underlying cause of death for several thousand Americans each year. They are not the fault of the patient. The patient is a victim. Often facilities even discharge patients or refer to other facilities to pass off the responsibility. They may not have the best interests of the patient at heart. 

Chances are if you noticed a bedsore before a nurse, aide, or staff member then something is seriously wrong. And the institution in charge should be held accountable.


Bedsores are often a sign of neglect and can be the result of hospital malpractice, nurse malpractice, or nursing home negligence. It is simply not acceptable that they should happen while a person is at a facility in the care of medical professionals. 

Medical negligence by a hospital, doctor, nurse, aide, or medical technician is unacceptable and may cause pain, suffering, or death to the patient. Give us a call to find out if you may have or lawsuit,  if you prefer, email us about the situation at and we'll get back to you within 1/2 hour. There is no fee unless we win you a financial award. 

What are Bedsores?

  Bed Sores, also called pressure sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers, are areas of damaged skin and tissue that develop when sustained pressure - usually from lying in a bed or sitting in a wheelchair - cuts off circulation to vulnerable parts of your body. Bedsores are preventable and not the fault of the victim. Essentially, when people who are entrusted with the care of those who are unable to move themselves shirk their responsibilities, then the immobile develop bedsores. Without adequate blood flow, which would occur in the turning and moving a person's body, the affected tissue dies and an ulcerated sore develops.

  Bedsores can develop quickly, progress rapidly and are often difficult to heal. They are often not reported to family by nurses or aides.

Caring for them can cost into the tens of thousand of dollars. 

It is the duty of a nursing home or hospital to follow proper procedures to prevent pressure sores and bedsores.

There is a responsibility to the patient -- morally and legally. 


If you have a loved one in a nursing home, hospital or other care facility, please check that person's skin condition and general care every time you visit.

  If you notice any sign of bedsores or neglect, alert the nursing staff and attending physician or nursing home director immediately. Be persistent, because if the administration and staff are slow to respond your loved one could develop life threatening bedsores. Bedsores are a sign of neglect! Unfortunately some families do not contact a lawyer until after the unwarranted death of a loved one.

Be proactive and get immediate medical and legal assistance. Do what is best for the patient -- not the hospital or nursing home.

What to do first: If you have a loved one who is being neglected your first step is to correct the situation. If that's difficult for you to handle we can help. Do not be intimidated or frustrated by hospital or nursing staff members lack of help. Stopping the progression is your priority. If unsure how to handle the conversation with staff call us and we'll guide you through it.

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