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Update: New Remote Notary & Medicaid Deadlines

There are two important deadlines coming up for New Yorkers: Now Extended to JULY 5th, 2021 and JANUARY 1st, 2022

Remote Notarization of documents is now extended to July 5th, 2021 and the commencement of lookback deadlines for Community Medicaid takes place on January 1st, 2022. Of course, the main benefit of Community Medicaid is FREE homecare services!

When the 'no lookback' rules end January 1st, your assets will be left exposed and make the Community Medicaid process more complicated and costly.

Resolving this issue in advance of the deadline is imperative if you are planning for your future needs. Email me for more information at

To view, click directly on the video above or Click here > You can also click below to see our in-office COVID policy and learn more about virtual consultations. Stay safe! Brian


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