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Covid-19 Updates

Raphan Law

Virtual Meetings & Consultations

Getting together like this saves you time and travel, and lets us communicate face-to-face. You can do it from the comfort of your home and also include family members from their homes.

Here's how it works:

1. Several hours before the meeting we'll email you a secure link.

Click the link and you are taken directly to your conference.

Either I or one of your attorneys will already be there when you log in.

2. If necessary, we will send you copies of documents either by FedEx or email, several days before. Or you may do the same to us.

3. If unfamiliar with using Zoom -- the video conference platform, our staff will simply take you through the steps a day or two before our meeting. It works with any modern computer, iPad, or mobile smartphone.


Email us for more information or for an appointment >

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Our Covid-19

Office Procedures

Your health and safety are our highest priority at Raphan Law. We are taking all precautions to protect you when you come to see us in our offices.

Here’s what we are doing in addition to respecting NYC social distancing rules:

1. Waiting area: Our common areas will be sanitized several times a day. Hand sanitizer is also available in our waiting area. Please wear your face mask. No visitors will be allowed in the office without a face mask.


2. Conference Room: We will have a 30-minute buffer to disinfect between meetings.  We sanitize our conference table and chairs. Additionally, hand sanitizer is available.

We are limiting the number of clients we see and limiting the length of the meeting.  We ask that you do not bring unnecessary people with you to our office. We will confirm all attendees with you beforehand.

3. We will confirm our meeting with you a day in advance to make sure you are feeling well, if you not, we will re-schedule with you.


4. Additional cleaning is done by our cleaning service nightly.

Raphan Law, NY

Schedule an


You can call our office at 212-268-8200, email us at info,

or click here to contact us through

our website.

Whether your preference is to meet in person in our sanitized conference room, online with a virtual meeting, or a consultation on the phone, you can be assured we are here to help.



We can notarize your documents while you are at home and we are in the office.

Read how it is done here>

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