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Holidays are the time for SCAMS.

Garly Schildhorn AI phone scam
Gary Schildhorn at discussing AI Phone Sacm

Hello friends and clients,

As we enter the holiday season, I want to inform you of a new scam. The story below is true. I promise you the short video is worth watching. You will be amazed at what scammers do with the help of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”).


Here’s the beginning of what took place:

On his way to work, Philadelphia attorney Gary Schildhorn received a phone call from his son. His son was crying and said, ‘Dad, I was in an accident. I hit another car driven by a pregnant woman. My nose is broken. They arrested me, I’m in jail.’


His son gave him the name and telephone number of the Public Defender assigned to him to contact. Of course, being both a father and an accomplished lawyer, Gary called the Public Defender to wire $9,000 for his son’s bail. Here’s the issue— the voice was “really” his son’s ‘voice’ — but it was not his son. 


Regards, and Happy Holidays, 



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