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Have bedsores reached epidemic proportions yet? To many it seems so.

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Awareness is key to prevention:

Whether or not you or an elder in your family has unfortunately become a victim of a bedsore, pressure ulcer, or decubitus ulcer keep this handy reference guide available. Download it to you computer, cell phone or bookmark it. Because bedsores can happen extremely fast and catch you off guard. They can progress rapidly, even within hours if proper care and medical attention are not given.

Anyone with an elder family member entering a hospital, nursing home or even a skilled nursing facility for a short term stay should read and help prevent these potential life treating wounds from happening to a loved one.

Malpractice & Neglect:

They can occur at even the best hospitals with the best doctors. You may not expect malpractice, but it happens. They can occur at Nursing Homes that are often understaffed. You may not expect neglect but it happens. It happens to tens of thousands of innocent patients. Medical facilities should take required measures to prevent bedsores, and if they don't they need to be held accountable for their actions -- or lack of action.

Understaffing, inadequate training, changes in shifts, or simply a scenario where your loved one in a nursing home may need care but that care is given to others with a more acute immediate need. It’s at these times that the elder is at extreme risk.

Read before an elder enters a hospital or nursing home:

You can read more about risk factors, prevention, treatment, and lawsuits to be compensated for pain, suffering or loss of life here. Lawsuits have yielded millions of dollars to the victims and their families. Reference Guide>


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