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COVID-19 Helpful New Legislation: Remote Notary Public

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Update: Video News: Raphan Law      March 26th, 2020

To address the need for Notary services helpful new legislation has been passed to allow for signing and having documents officially notarized without physically being in the same room with a Notary. Watch the quick video and also see details below.

Raphan Law Virtual Notary Instructions NYS Executive Order No.: 202.7 Extended through June 28, 2020 We have New York State licensed notaries in our office.  Notarizations can be done by us for You using video technology under the following conditions: 
  1. Valid photo ID must be presented by You during the video conference. 

  2. Direct interaction between us must take place during the video conference.

  3. You must represent that you are physically located in New York.

  4. You must sign on video so our Notary can see you, and then on the same day, You must send a copy of the signed document to our Notary by fax at 646-415-8862 or e-mail.

  5. Our Notary will then notarize the transmitted copy of the document you signed and electronically send it back to You.

  6. Within 30 days of the signing, You must transmit the original signed document to our Notary, at which time our Notary will notarize the original signed document as of the date of execution.

Email with any questions. Thank you.

P.S. These days a video conference is quick and easier than you think via computer, ipad, or mobile phone with apps like Zoom, Facetime or others.


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