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“My mom is in a nursing home and I noticed some bruises and sores. I think they are bed sores—what s

Bed sores are often a sign of neglect and sometimes a sign of abuse. The first thing you should do is speak to a nurse on duty and begin to remedy the situation. If you have a cell phone take some pictures of the wound. Bed Sores, or Pressure Sores can be deadly. They occur when someone is immobile and there is not adequate blood flow. Then the affected tissue dies and an ulcerated sore develops. In a nursing home or other care facility it is expected that your loved one is checked and turned regularly. There are laws in place that protect the elderly. If a loved one you know is suffering they may have a significant lawsuit that can compensate them with a financial reward.

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As an Elder Law firm we see these cases often. Whether malpractice, abuse or neglect it is simply unjust for it to happen to an innocent victim. Do not put off addressing the issue. Call me for a free consultation or even to just guide you through the process of getting the proper medical attention.


By Brian A. Raphan


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