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Can you guess the Top and Bottom-Rated Hospitals in the New York area?

Navigating the healthcare landscape in New York City can be daunting, and shouldn't be a guessing game. With a myriad of hospitals vying for attention, Medicare's current ranking can help you sort through it all. Medicare ratings, based on patient satisfaction surveys and key performance metrics such as treatment effectiveness, readmission rates, and safety of care, offer a clear lens through which you can gauge the quality of care you might receive.

Among the crowded field, a few hospitals rise to the top, while others struggle to meet the benchmark.


Top Rated New York area Hospitals

1. Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is a shining beacon of specialized medical care in NYC. Renowned nationally for its expertise in orthopedic surgery and rheumatology, HSS garners top Medicare ratings thanks to stellar patient satisfaction and outstanding performance in critical care areas. The hospital’s meticulous approach to joint replacements and spine surgeries contributes to its low readmission rates and high patient recovery success, making it a preferred choice for those seeking specialized medical treatment.

2. St. Francis Hospital

St. Francis Hospital, located in Roslyn and part of the NYC metropolitan area, is celebrated for its exceptional cardiac care. Its top rating by Medicare reflects high patient satisfaction and superior outcomes in heart attack treatment and chronic heart condition management. St. Francis’s dedication to patient safety and excellence in cardiac services has earned it a reputation as a leading healthcare provider, ensuring that patients receive top-tier care in a trusted environment.

3. White Plains Hospital

White Plains Hospital is highly regarded for its comprehensive medical services and patient-focused care. Medicare ratings highlight its effectiveness in treating pneumonia and maintaining low readmission rates. Patients frequently commend the hospital for its attentive and professional staff. White Plains Hospital’s unwavering commitment to safety protocols and continuous improvement in medical practices ensures it remains a trusted healthcare institution in the NYC area.

Lowest Rated Hospitals

1. Bellevue Hospital

Despite its rich history and extensive range of services, Bellevue Hospital finds itself on the lower end of Medicare’s ratings. Challenges such as higher readmission rates and lower patient satisfaction scores contribute to its rating. Issues with care coordination and patient safety are significant areas needing improvement. Efforts are underway to address these challenges, but current ratings reflect the need for considerable enhancements in these areas.

2. CarePoint Health

CarePoint Health, serving the Hudson County area within the NYC metropolitan region, faces hurdles that have led to lower Medicare ratings. Patient satisfaction surveys often highlight concerns with care quality and communication. Additionally, performance metrics in treating common conditions and ensuring patient safety have shown room for improvement. The hospital is actively working on strategies to elevate its service quality and overall patient experience.

3. Metropolitan Hospital

Part of NYC Health + Hospitals, Metropolitan Hospital struggles with lower Medicare ratings due to issues like low patient satisfaction, higher readmission rates, and safety concerns. Despite offering a broad range of services, its performance in critical areas, such as managing heart attacks and pneumonia, has been less than optimal. Metropolitan Hospital is focused on addressing these shortcomings through various quality improvement initiatives.


Medicare’s ratings reveal a stark contrast in the quality of care provided by hospitals in the NYC area. While top-rated institutions like HSS, St. Francis, and White Plains Hospital exemplify excellence in patient care and satisfaction, lower-rated hospitals such as Bellevue, CarePoint Health, and Metropolitan Hospital underscore the urgent need for improvements.

These Medicare ratings not only guide patients in making informed healthcare decisions but also serve as a benchmark for hospitals to strive for higher standards of care, ensuring better outcomes for all. You can view the full lists using the links below, and also sort by location closer to you.


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