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Bedsores & Pressure Ulcers

Yes, you can sue for bedsores!
Your pain and suffering may yield you a large amount of money. Get financial compensation $ and justice for you or your loved one.

You may have a significant lawsuit against a hospital or Nursing Home. Bedsores can be painful and deadly and there are federal laws in place to protect you or your loved one.
Call us at 800-278-2960 or 212-268-8200 now for a free consultation. Nationwide representation available.

With aggressive trial counsel clients have been awarded tens of millions of dollars as victims of medical negligence.
Bedsore Trial Attorneys that are expert in bedsore & pressure ulcer cases are imperative. Find out your rights and best options today without any obligation. Our bedsore and pressure sore malpractice attorneys have successfully litigated hundreds of case and won tens of millions of dollars for clients.
What does it cost to sue? There are no fees unless our trial attorneys win! We pride ourselves on our expertise and personal attention for clients. You will not get lost in the shuffle. We are a hands on firm with dedicated bedsore and pressure sore legal teams focusing on your what it takes to win a case for you, and maximize the amount of money you can get for your lawsuit.


Remember, there is no fee for you to sue. As your bedsore law firm we invest our time, legal expertise and resources to take on those who have unlawfully caused your condition. If and when we win your lawsuit we only receive a portion of your financial award. Free consultations for bedsore, pressure sore or decubitis ulcer victims.
Simply call now and see if you have a valid case and get the justice you deserve!
212-268-8200 or find out online by using our Case Evaluator below, or by email:


Bronx Bedsore Lawsuit



Call (212) 268-8200

After hours? Or unable to get on the phone right now? Use our free bedsore case evaluator. 

Don't put off getting the proper medical treatment:

Some frequently asked questions about Bedsore Lawsuits:

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Bronx Bedsore Lawsuit
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