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Free Elder Law Seminars:  Sharing our expertise

Our seminars are free to organization members and are designed to inform seniors and their families of various legal subjects and legal needs in easy to understand terms. Below are a few of our future and prior engagements.

Matthew Raphan

- Attorney Matthew S. Raphan



Seminar:                                                                      Topic:                                                          

Estate Planning During Covid-19                 Online Estate Planning Webinar Q&A                      April 17th, 2020

Health Advocates Community Programs    Answers To Financial & Legal Matters For Seniors       December 5th, 2019

PS-HOPS                             Penn South Community-Home Organized Personal Services program   November 19, 2019 

The Archdiocese of New York        Wills, Probate, Guardianships, Planned Giving: Guidelines Q&A    October 25, 2019

Penn South Social Services              2nd Annual Health Fair/Free Legal Check-Up for Seniors       September 19, 2019

PS Program for Seniors         Everything You Need To Know About Wills, Estate Planning, & Medicaid      June 8, 2019  

Penn South Health Fair                          Free Legal Check-Up for Seniors; Bedsore Lawsuits               Sept. 19, 2018

Credit Suisse, New York                        Estate Planning: Legal Issues for Older or Disabled.                June 21, 2018

First Presbyterian Church NYC                        Getting Your Legal Life in Order                                     Jan 21, 2018

BNY Mellon                                                     Legal Issues for Older Relatives                                March 30, 2017

Mutual Redevelopment Housing                     Elder Law: Reduce Legal Stress                                  Sept. 13, 2017

Turner Broadcasting Legal Workshop              Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts                                     June 8, 2016

Consulate General of Switzerland                  Planning for Your Later Years in NY State                      June 23, 2015

The Hallmark Wellness Fair, New York                  Trusts & Medicaid Planning                                    May 15, 2013

Planning for Your Future                                 An Introduction to Medicaid Planning                            April 9, 2013

Penn South Mutual Redevelopment              Elder Law: What you need to know                                   March 2013

Lincoln House Outreach, New York               Wills & Estate Planning for New Yorkers                           Nov. 9, 2013

Spotlight on Business - NY Radio                Radio Interview: Why You Need a Will                                 March 2011

CBS News Television                              Featured Segment Regarding Landlord/TenantCase                          

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