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Virtual Meetings & Consultations 

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Our Virtual Meetings are here to stay! Here are a few sample frames of what you can expect. When unable to meet in person, getting together like this saves you time, maintains our personal connection, and helps us all communicate more clearly. You can do it from the comfort of your home and also include family members from their homes.
Remote Notary which was initially authorized by NY State during COVID is no longer allowed in NY per executive order of the Governor.

Here's how virtual meetings work:
1. Several hours before the meeting we'll email you a secure link.
Click the link and you are taken directly to your conference.
Either I or one of your attorneys will already be there when you log in.

2. If necessary, we will send you copies of documents either by FedEx or email, several days before. Or you may do the same to us.

(If unfamiliar with using Zoom -- the video conference platform, our staff will simply take you through the steps. It works with any modern computer, iPad, or mobile smartphone.)

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