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Bedsores: Facts regarding your rights.

Some facts about bedsore and

pressure sore lawsuits:

  1. You are able to sue for and recover a monetary award from new injuries and infections and the aggravation of old ones caused by bedsores or pressure ulcers.

  2. The defendants insurance company may ask you for a recorded statement describing the appearance of bedsores and your treatment. Remember you have no obligation to give them such a statement, nor is it wise to do so.

  3. The defendant's insurance company will ask you for authorizations to obtain your medical records. DON'T DO IT. Let your attorney release your records after he or she has reviewed them. It's best not to offer information by yourself. 

  4. Some insurance companies will offer you money to settle the case before you contact an attorney. In this situation the insurance company knows they will have to pay out money and they hope to settle the claim before you hire an attorney who can negotiate and demand a higher amount. Always consult an attorney if an insurance company is offering you money. By doing so you will in all likelihood increase your net recovery even after taking out the lawyers fee.

  5. Once a bedsore case is settled and the defendant is released, regardless of whether you make a full recovery or not, the money you received cannot be taken away, it is your free.

  6. If you need surgery, it is important to go forward with that before you settle your pressure sore or bedsore lawsuit.

  7. If you are persuaded by a hospital or nursing home and settle a case on your own, only to find out 6 months later you have more serious conditions than first thought, you have forfeited your rights to recover additional money. That is why it is so important to contact an experienced bedsore attorney before you sign anything.


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  • Additional information about bedsore lawsuits:

  1. Not every case will go to trial, nor should every case. We evaluate each claim and together decide best route and a reasonable number as a goal. This number is based on our years of experience settling bedsore cases, the extent of the injuries and suffering, the parties involved, the venue the lawsuit will be brought in, along with many other factors.

  2. We strive to recover as much money as is possible for a bedsore victim given the circumstances. It is possible there may be more than one defendant leading to a larger financial recovery for your bedsores or pressure sores, decubitis ulcer. 

  3. We are not happy unless and until we have gotten every possible dollar for the victim or family of the victim that have already suffered enough due to negligence or malpractice.

  4. We work hard to get results for our clients and take pride in keeping them informed of our progress during a lawsuit and winning cases, especially million dollar verdicts.

  5. We are a hands-on firm where we focused on what is best for our clients. The clients of our firm do not get lost in redtape or shuffled around by different attorneys. You have a bedsore legal team that focuses on results for you.


bed sore lawsuit, pressure sores lawyer

"Both Brian Raphan and Matthew Raphan have been excellent to deal with throughout an enormously difficult crisis. They are dedicated experts who really care about their

clients, and who are always patient, wise, and a pleasure to consult with."

                                                                      - Peter G, New York. 
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