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*Hard copies of all client reviews, letters and emails on file.

"...renewed my faith in lawyers."

"great advice"

"honest and      smart"


"very grateful"

"insight and                   advice"




"a helping                  hand"

"...timely and




"true to your                    word"

"...a pleasure working with      you"



February 6, 2010


"Dear Brian, I just want to express my appreciation for your excellent and speedy work.

You have renewed my faith in lawyers." -Elinor R

      November 6, 2006

"I came into your office to talk with you about my aunt on Sept. 26th. She was in danger of becoming homeless, living in the illegal basement, and who has given all of her money away to her newphew. How can I thank you enough? Your recommendation for Bronxwood has helped my aunt, and myself in such a way I can not express. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! She has been staying up there for almost 2 weeks now & she seems to like it. I feel confident that the doctors there can also help her a little with the Alzheimer's Disease.

                                                                                                                 -Sandra F

     October 22, 2006
Thank you for your expertise and care in handling all of the intricate and delicate aspects of the estate.  It was a pleasure working with you. -Dr. Jana K

       October 20, 2006
Just a quick note and a happy one at that. The computer genius in our office had to check for a virus in my computer and happened to see your email to me and said "Hey, I know the guy" and continued to apprise me of your brilliance with the computer and the way you work. I always knew you were one smart lawyer but it's especially nice to have it validated by someone else. He asked me to say"hello" to you. Regards and have a great weekend. -Reva H

        June 28, 2006
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your help and legal guidance on behalf of my cousin, while she was alive and in handling her and my step-father, James’s estates. As I now have three attorneys in my family, I can only hope that they will have mentors such as you, to guide them in the legal profession. -S Bass

         May 8, 2006
Thanks for your great advice. -P Whitman


         May 4, 2006

"Thank you so much for your help with this.  It was a pleasure working with you.  It is because of your advice and direction that we were able to finally close this chapter.  I would recommend you to anyone looking for an honest and smart estate attorney." -J Linker

        March 2, 2006
My wife Margaret and I want to thank you for handling the estate.  You were professional.  I was impressed with your guidance and expertise regarding the law.  -R Caruso

January 20, 2006
Thank you for all your great professional advice and your
accurate judgments.​ -Valeria K

        August 2, 2006

Thank you so much for being there with me through my difficult time of my sister’s passing. You are wonderful!! -Laura B

        September 15, 2005
All the good intentions in the world would have gone nowhere if you hadn’t been so available, approachable, and committed to doing what was right for Mae, instead of what was easy.  I shudder to think where she may have landed with you! -Jennifer L
           April 10, 2005
​Thank you so much for your kindness! -Jana K

       October 22, 2005
Thank you for your invaluable assistance, more than I ever received from any other attorney. -Ms. Ethel T

        July 23, 2005
If we were in NYC, I would stop by and also deliver a great bear hug!  Ennis and I remain very grateful to you for all the assistance and support you have given to us, and the very good advice since 1997.  You are the most competent, compassionate, and nicest attorney we have ever dealt with, and without your help would probably still be wallowing in the quagmires of the court systems and its complexities. -Edith P
        May, 2005
Something most people are not prepared for is Death. However, it’s when I came to your office I was completely lost; never mind still on an emotional Roll-a-coaster. You took the time.  t cost me but you took the extra step. I do believe and for this I’m grateful. You assistant, Ms. Singh, for her too I’m grateful. -Ms. Lerryn P
        June 4, 2004
Thanks for your insight and advice today.  I’m very pleased my dad took the time to find the right lawyer. -Rob L  

        June 1, 2004
Thank you so much!  I can’t thank you enough really.  You have been such a help to us.  If you ever need a reference, give out my name! -Peggy M.
        April 22, 2004
This has really been possible through you.  On behalf of my father, who is up and running, and my family, I want to thank you heartily for your good advice.

 -Esther L

       September 4, 2003
It was a difficult to understand why this matter went unresolved for so long, but it appears that now that the matter is in your capable hand, the end is in sight. -Mary E.
        July 27, 2003
Thank you so much for your help and input.

It made a tough situation bearable.   -Marjorie D
        July 22, 2003

Just wanted to thank you for how well you and Ed handled the sale of my mother’s house.  It was a very emotional issue for both Cristina and I and you were both very professional and supportive of how we wanted to proceed with the sale – in short you made it a much less painless process! It was great working with both of you!!! Thank you again. -Lorka M, Urban Programs Manager

       February 21, 2003
As a non-lawyer I am not always sure what I “can” say-but I’m a guardian on three cases, have been court evaluator on at least five, etc.  No one else has taken the others as seriously as you have this case. 

Thanks again for your timely and helpful report. -Ralph A

       January 10, 2003
I spoke with Mr. O’Connor and continue to be pleased and impressed by the highest level of professionalism exhibited by you, your staff and your associates.-Clara 

       December 16, 2002
Thank you for the good services. -N Miller

I officially thank you in writing for all your help and understanding regarding Ethel’s Will.  You really made the whole thing far less frightening for her and more like something to celebrate. Thanks so much.- Kitt L

       January 3, 2001
I want to express our gratitude for all the work and emotional support

you have given us over the past several years.  In addition to your impressive

legal prowess, your skill at handling Manny and credit card companies, and your compassion for our situation (particularly the night B__ was put into Bellevue) has put us forever in your debt.  We’ve worked with a dozen lawyers over our lifetime; none have matched your caring and reassuring manner!  As Norwegians say: A thousand thanks! -Edie P

       October 31, 1998
Brian, it is so nice to know when there are nice people like you in this world out there.  Looking upon others and lending a helping hand who is in need of help and work, and that person is you. -Bina D.
       January 3rd, 2007
Thank you very much for all your efforts on my behalf.  It was quite a surprise to receive the check. Again, many many thanks. -Sincerely M. Morgan

        August, 1998
You can be sure that I will recommend you! -S. Nancy

       April 4, 1997
Thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf -Ann

       March 16, 1997

With appreciation and thanks for your assistance. -Lorraine B

Thank you so much for your help and efforts in connection with my sister, Vivian.  I wish I could have been able to pack you up and take you back to Florida. -Marion B. 

       January 19, 1994
I graduated from law school in 1930 to face ten years of the depression you surely read about. The average lawyer earned $25 a week and most made less. I retired many years ago probably much before you went into practice. As you know I am 85. Our relationship has been very pleasant to me as I have found you to be courteous and patient for which I am grateful. -Eli S. T

"This past Monday I meet with David.  He expressed, I am sure you would like to know, great confidence in you." -S Faulkner, Esq.
Thanks a million for your understanding! With warm affection. -Virginia
"As usual, thank you for the work you are doing for us. Hope all is well." -Cristina

"You made us feel so much better because you have so much patience."         



"Thanks for all the moral support and all else." -Ira S

Thank you very much for everything you have done for us. My family truly appreciates your personal attention, and dedication to solving our problems in the finest possible way. -Nina T

With deep appreciation for your understanding and patience.

                                                                                            -The Nicholsons

You are a gentleman and a scholar. Im happy to have meet you! -Michael
Thank you very much for your help; I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. 

I would very much like to make a Will. -Hazel T

       January 1, 2005
My grateful appreciation for your successful efforts; and true to your word.


While you are my lawyer and represent me professionally, I just want to thank you for overseeing the Wills as you did with care and compassion. I am truly grateful-Gail

        April 24, 2002

Thank you for sending your bill. I’ve been wanting to pay you for your great work.  And the final bill was very very reasonable.  I thank you again. -Grey S

       December 30, 2001

"Just received you bill and I would like to thank you for your good advice and attention.  It is a great feeling to meet a kind person like you that you can trust.
Again thank you." -Ginette B

       December 20, 2000
"I almost wish, Brian that I had some other affairs that you could handle for me.  It’s been such a pleasure working with you." -Ozzie H

"It’s fantastic. Incredible. Send me a bill. Quick!  I’ll never know how you managed to perform this miracle.  But you did and I’m so grateful." -Lenora H
"Just a word of appreciation for the understanding and competence with which you handled our situation." -William  W   

       April, 2002

"I think of your gracious kindness to me and I’ll never forget it."

-Father Luke McCann


        August 10, 2002
"I’m still reeling from the Hartford money.  I can’t get over it, it’s wonderful.  And so are you." -Leonora H
       July 30, 2002
"Many thanks for doing it all so speedily and expertly and for being so very pleasant about everything.  I am grateful to Helen for recommending you, and to you for coming to my rescue." -Phyllis B

       October 21, 2002

"We are very happy with the manner in which you handled Anthony’s estate.  We appreciate the time and effort you put in to keep the process as uncomplicated as possible." -Mary K

       November, 2002
Thank you for helping me navigate through the sea of legal accountability and decision making. -Joey



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