Most people have some
'choice words' 
to say about lawyers...
here's what they say about us:


"...true kindness"

"...cares about clients"

" good  hands"

" advice"

"...timely and helpful"


"...pays attention to

                our needs"

"...renewed my faith in lawyers."

"...pleasant to work with"

"...very impressed"

"Thanks a million"


                                             "...wise council"


"...fine work."

"attention and           expertise"


"...extraordinary patience."

"...much gratitude"

" and advice."

"...outstanding service"

"...extremely thankful"


"...a pleasure working with you
and your fine staff."

"...nicest lawyer we ever met"

"...much gratitude"

"...a great support"

"...highest professional quality"

"...great advice"

"...honest and smart"

"very grateful"


"legal prowess"

"personal attention"

"a helping hand"

"...insight and advice"  



"true to your word"     

"...a pleasure working

             with you"



Thanks for the kind words!

                               - Brian


*Excerpts from actual client letters. Click here for full comments. 

Hard copies of all client letters and emails on file.

brian raphan
brian raphan
Brian A. Raphan
brian raphan


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On negligence and medical malpractice cases we may participate or partner with other counsel with disclosure to potential client before we or such partnering counsel accept the case.           

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