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Wrongful Death

Justice is due in the form of financial compensation and for a secure future for the family and/or loved ones.
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Coping with a loss of a family member or loved one is a difficult, personal and emotional time. In circumstances where it was an unnecessary death, caused by someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence, grieving gets compounded with other issues. A lawsuit can not bring back a loved one, but justice is due. Family members, life-partners and/or others may be due a large financial compensation. The deceased may have been the main means of financial support for the family and winning a lawsuit can help provide you or the family with the financial resources for the rest of your lives. Awards can be in the millions and no upfront fees are charged to bring a lawsuit. We only received a portion of the award if, and when, we are successful. Additional punitive damages may be available.

It does not matter if the wrongful death took place at the hand of a medical professional, another driver in the case of an auto accident, or from pharmaceutical means. Whether it took place in a nursing home, hospital, emergency room or outside your own home, justice is due. A monetary award and a financially secure future for family and loved ones is deserved.

There are many facets and intricacies involved in winning these types of cases. Timing for a lawsuit and filing properly is also crucial. It takes experienced lawyers with a team of expert witnesses to win. Feel free to call me for a confidential and free consultation. 

You can reach me at 212-268-8200

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