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Are hospitals liable if a patient develops a bed sore?

Bedsores are often a sign of neglect and can be the result of hospital malpractice, nurse malpractice or nursing home negligence.

It is simply not acceptable that they should happen while a person is at a facility in the care of professionals. 

Sadly, bedsores are the underlying cause of death for several thousand Americans each year. They are not the fault of the patient. The patient is a victim. Medical negligence by a hospital, doctor, nurse, aide or medical technician is unacceptable and may cause pain, suffering or death to the patient.

Bedsores can develop quickly, progress rapidly and are often difficult to heal. Caring for them can cost into the tens of thousand of dollars. Often, due to the lower staffing in nursing homes, patients are forced to wait longer for care, such as simply being turned in a bed, or the changing of soiled linens and clothes. If an elder cannot change themselves then they are forced to sit or lay in their own urine until a caregiver arrives. While the elderly wait, their skin is being weakened by the moisture making them susceptible to bedsores. Health experts agree that bedsores do not have to occur. Preventive measures are your legal right and can maintain the skin’s integrity and health with proper blood flow. It is the duty of a nursing home or hospital to follow proper procedures to prevent them.

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