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Probate / Estate proceedings

When a loved one dies there are significant legal issues that come up for the executor or administrator. We can help settle your matters in a timely manner and alleviate the stress and legal complications at this sensitive time. 
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What is Probate?

Probate is simply the process of the Court validating the Last Will and Testament of a deceased person, referred to as a "decedent" and having the executor appointed. Some of the duties of the executor are paying the decedent's final bills and estate taxes and/or inheritance taxes (if any), and then distributing what's left of the decedent's assets to his or her heirs.

Do I need to get the original Will?
Yes. A photocopy of the Will is not considered a legal document and ordinarily will not be honored. If you are the executor it's likely you have it stored in a safe place such as a safe deposit box. Or perhaps it's with the attorney that drafted the Will. Note that even though another attorney may have drafted the document or represented you or your family before, there is no obligation to continue use that attorney and we can certainly assist and save you time, money and anguish.
How long should it take to “settle” an estate?
It depends on the individual facts and
circumstances involved in the particular estate. With no major disputes among the beneficiaries or the need to commence a lawsuit to collect a debt owed to the decedent or to pursue a wrongful death claim, an estate where no estate tax returns are required should be wound up in less than a year after the decedent has died. With our hands-on approach, clients aren't lost in the shuffle of a large firm.
We tend to expedite to our clients satisfaction.
Removing the burden for an executor and family.

We are proud of our reputation in helping those in need especially around a time of grief. We have provided relief and comfort for countless families while expediting the process and clarifying the 'legalease' for our clients. Whether it's a probate or non-probate estate each client gets the personal attention they need to make the process less of a burden. Feel free to call us for more information or email me personally at



If you have further questions, email or call 212-268-8200 

and we'll be glad to provide 

more information.

“I would like to thank your firm. I always felt that the answer to any question was just a telephone call or email away which made the disposition of the estate
proceed very smoothly."
- Michael J./Executor


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