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"I recommend this book to all my friends."

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Amy L. Levine is a friend of our law firm and a life-long advocate for elders.

She is the former Clinical Director and Founding Member of the Doula Program to Accompany and Comfort, Inc. Amy is also the author of a new book, 'Final Wishes - A Journal for Reflections on Life and Guidance for Settling Your Affairs.

I know first-hand of Amy's commitment, concern, and ability to help aging people. The book is a beautifully designed journal that includes a list of recommended documents and vital information needed to manage your personal, financial, and business affairs with care and consideration.

She weaves personal experiences with practical tips to help you map out your thoughts, life experiences, and final wishes for your family. Ultimately this artful journal becomes a clear guide and legacy for your family for your final days and beyond.

You can read rave reviews, learn more about it, or get the book via Amazon by clicking here>



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