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Listen to our Guardianship Q&A

Click to download our handy guide to issues discussed.
Kara Rogers, Matthew Raphan

Special thanks to Kara Rogers, LMSW for moderating this special event! It was a pleasure answering your questions. Feel free to reach out and call 212-268-8200 or email me at

  Regards, Matthew

Raphan Law reviews

“ I want to thank you for resolving my issues in the guardianship of my husband. You quickly got things done, and I am grateful for the care and concern that you have shown me. Thanks again, Matthew.”

                  Sincerely, Ruby


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The Alzheimer's Foundation of America provides unprecedented support, services, and education for individuals, families, and caregivers. 

AFA operates a National Toll-Free Helpline (866-232-8484), staffed entirely by licensed social workers, which provides support and assistance to callers, as well as connect them with resources in their area, no matter where in the United States they live.     

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